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American adventurer and safari guide Tim Flynn has worked in Zimbabwe for over twenty years. He thinks he is leading a routine safari for American tourists, until that is, a military coup in Zimbabwe turns his routine safari into a bloody game of life or death. General Sibanda seizes the country by violence after the current president dies and takes control of the country. Sibanda's brutality targets not only some of his own people, but all foreigners and tourists. Tim Flynn recommends the entire group leave by walking overland thirty miles, through the bush, into neighboring Botswana. Some of the group disagree, and head to the airport on their own, ending with disastrous results.With his group split apart, and in the line of fire, Tim Flynn must use all his resources and connections in an attempt to his clients safely out of the country...

Book signings and Appearances

I am being scheduled for many book signings and speaking engagements. I will do my best to keep you posted of upcoming appearances.

Reader Feedback

Tim K.-It's a great story.   I would encourage all my Friends to check out the book.  Looking forward to the sequel! 

Bob B.- Can't say enough good things about the story and how it's told.  Truly a very, very good read!

Bob E- Best book I've read in years. Could not put it down.

Musings and short stories

Below are links to many short stories written over the years. Some are inspirational, some informative and even including a eulogy for a good friend. Please enjoy.