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About Me

My background

I was born and raised in rural Maine. From a young age I had a desire to explore the world around me and beyond. The woods and waters of Maine were accessible to me and I took full advantage of that accessibility. Beyond Maine was not so accessible until my later years. I joined the military and was fortunate enough to end up as a flight crew member in the Air Force. The places in the world that the military exposed me to only fueled my desire to experience other cultures and places. After spending nearly a month in Africa in 1995 I formed a safari company with a partner from Zimbabwe. Farren Safaris has allowed me the opportunity to travel extensively to remote areas of Africa and continually quench my thirst for adventure meeting new friends.

My writing roots

In short... To leave a little bit of me behind. Whenever we put words to paper we are putting a bit of who we are on a permanent medium to be digested for generations to come. It is more than ashes in an urn. It is a part of our soul, our personality, that made us who we were. Our posterity should have the ability to come to know who we were from beyond the grave. 

Above is my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. God willing, I will be around long enough to see the young ones grown. If not, they are free to pour through the words set down on some medium, which came from my heart and soul, and because of those words, be able to say , "I do not remember him, but I feel I know him."

My style

I wish I could say I had some kind of style, but alas, I witness an event or have a wild thought and simply start to build a story around it. A "what if" is enough for anyone to start a story. Keep your eyes and ears open for the "what ifs".

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Tim Farren

Bangor, Maine


When the spirit moves me